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Wellington Autosalon
Rexnet competed this weekend and won "Gee look at this club" and "Best Club Display" Prizes. Dave aka Rextc and Falgoon aka Stilyn won indivdual prizes.

Taupo Track Day 2003
Wellington Rexnet hired taupo race track and went hard for a day. Thanks Lonnie for the pictures.

Rexnets AutoSalon Road Trip
Wellington Rexnet boys on a road trip to make a mark on the Auckland show scene. Thanks Jono for the pictures.

Tribute To Possum Bourne
Rexnet's thoughts are with Possum's family and the Possum Bourne Motorsport team.
Possum Bourne MS

Wellington's Rex Madness
Wellington Rexnet members got together for the third time. With more than 12 WRXs/STis in attendance, it looked truly amazing. Pictures are available in the events section.

Wellington's Second Meet
Rexnet Wellington met for the second time, on the 2nd of Feb. We doubled our 1st effort with 8 rexs, showing how fast rexnet is growing. The pictures are up in the events section.

Wellington's First Meet
Wellington's fuaction of rexnet gathered together for the first time, to put names to faces. Four cars turn up, which isnt to bad considering the poor weather conditions.

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